A welcoming environment encourages a child to engage in activity and discovery.

The development of every child is at the heart of all that we do in the nursery, promoting and encouraging the ethos as well as building self confidence and respect in an environment that is happy and caring.

The value’s and communication of our ethos reflect the genuine and secure approach of an extended family with professional female and male staff. We encourage the inclusion of parents as a partnership in a confidential and trusting role within our home from home approach, giving holistic care in a warm, welcoming and loving environment.

We strive to build the capacity and amazement in every child as they learn.

If you like the sound of what we do please come along and visit us at LKD@KI, just phone and arrange a visit. We have an all embracing policy and glad to welcome you and your child for a visit. If you feel we are the right place for you please down load our application form and you can drop it in when you come for a visit with your child, otherwise e-mail it to us or post it back.  

About our Payment schedule:

 £6 an hour for 2 years and over. You are charged  for the hours you leave your child in our care, these are regular booked hours each week.  You will need to pay one month fees in advance when starting. Invoices are e-mailed monthly during the first week of every month and we encourage bank transfer payments.  Work vouchers, two year old funding 30 hour and 15 hour and NEG are also accepted.  for 30 hours LKD charge £2.75 per day for all food,  snacks and drinks. This is compulsory

Our rate:

 £6 per hour for 2 years and onwards 

Charges include food and nappies

September 2020 onward 

minimum of 15 hours per week per child 

Holiday Club £27.50 per day for school aged children