Transport Information.

Local Transport Information
There are several methods of transport that can be used to access our daycare sites:

Bicycle / Walk:
We recommend when possible, parent/carers cycle or walk to the daycare with their children. This is not only good for the environment but it encourages a healthy lifestyle for the child(ren). A bicycle rack is provided at the front of the buildings for safe storage of your bicycles.

For any staff that wishes to cycle to work, we provide a shower facility where possible to freshen up before their shift

Little Kingdom Daycare is located close to bus stops that go into and out of Reading Town centre on a regular basis  at least twice per hour during the working day. Please ask the Nursery Manager at our setting if you need information on what route serves your personal needs or look at the web site,

For parents/carers who need to drive to the daycare, we provide pick up and drop off parking around the Piazza. We are easily accessible from the M4 and other surrounding areas.

For parents/carers where it is possible, we highly recommend a car share scheme. If you are interested in this scheme, please speak to directly to your Nursery Manager and they will be able to advise you of any other members of the scheme who it may be possible to car share with.

Severe Weather
In the event of heavy snow and blizzards overnight or in the morning, could you please telephone the daycare before you bring your child to check whether we are open as normal.

During School holidays and half terms please make sure you book your place due to the high amount of bookings we receive.